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We offer a fully-managed web hosting service, with global redundancy, that will ensure your website never goes down, and is protected from censorship forever.

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Why Choose Honest?

The Internet deserves better, plain and simple. Honest brings a unique brand of customer obsession matched with a level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

Safe & Secure

All customers get full website protection and 24/7 monitoring services with every hosting plan, so you never have to worry.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to give our customers more value and better service than other options available, with competitive market pricing.

Fully Managed with 24/7 Support

As a fully-managed hosting provider, we do everything for you, plain & simple. Our support team is available 24/7.

Managed Hosting Plans & Pricing

The needs of every company and website are different. We’ve created a range of plans to fit customers big and small, whether you are just starting out or aim to hit 1 million visitors per month.

Honest Features and Functionality

We provide a range of hosting systems that are customizable to the needs of your business. All are fully managed services delivered with our best-in-class infrastructure by our team of talented experts.

Geographic Redundancy

By delivering your website from multiple locations around the world you create a faster user experience and prevent downtime.

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Provider Redundancy
We spread our hosting infrastructure over multiple providers so there is not a single point of failure or risk of downtime from censorship.

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Systems Redundancy

You are never hosted on a single server. We use resilient server clusters to deliver high-availability and speed even before the geographic redundancy.

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An Expert In Your Corner

There is more to bulletproof hosting than the host and we have experts on hand to help you through solutions to other points of failure like your domain and DNS.

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Full Tech-Stack Partnership

We offer technical consulting on other aspects of the technology that powers your organization to create redundancy in backup, security, and disaster recovery.

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Emergency Panel

Unique to Honest is your own emergency panel that allows you to quickly post messages to your website, put your website in fail-over mode, and more.

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Managed WordPress

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting on All Plans

Power your WordPress sites on a fast, reliable, secure, and globally redundant hosting platform for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Is your brand in good hands?

As cyber threats and attacks grow in risk to all businesses it is critically important in today’s age to have the utmost trust in your web systems provider.

The Honest Guarantee™

Honest will protect your sites from censorship and work tirelessy to provide you with the most reliable and fastest web hosting solution, period. We believe so firmly that Honest is the best solution for your web hosting needs that we are willing to offer all customers the Honest Guarantee™. If you are not satisfied during your first 30 days we will give you your money back and help you migrate to a new hosting solution. 

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Build And Protect Your Business

The world is changing. Cyber attacks, censorship, and hacking are now commonplace. As unfortunate as that may sound, Honest offers a better way forward in an increasingly complex digital age. We help website owners ensure the highest possible uptime, identify and prevent cyber attacks, and ensure that content creators who launch their sites with Honest are free from censorship forever.

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 What are people saying about Honest?

We built Honest with ourselves in mind. We needed a solution that was more reliable, lightning fast, free from the risk of censorship, and comparable or better in pricing to other options.



“Our traffic is always growing, and our technical demands are ever-changing. We can’t rely on a typical hosting provider. We need high availability and fully managed web hosting that will offer our visitors and valued donors uninterrupted and continuous access to our suite of websites. Honest provides this for us.”

Ian Young-Valentine

General Manager, UK, GOD TV



“Our organization aims to affect culture by encouraging open political dialogue and espousing the ideals of diversity of thought and freedom of speech. Ensuring that all organizations have access to uncensored and reliable web hosting is paramount to our ethos. That’s why we prefer Honest.”

Keagan Wernicke

Founder & President, FITA

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