We are excited to announce that GOD TV has selected Honest as their exclusive web hosting provider.

GOD TV was founded by Rory and Wendy Alec in the UK in 1995 as the Christian Channel Europe, the Continent’s first daily Christian television network, broadcasting for one hour per day. Today, GOD TV is a global broadcasting and digital media company with distribution to over 300 million homes worldwide and has since evolved into a multi-platform media company that serves today’s fastest growing Christian digital media audience, reaching millions of website visitors and live stream viewers.

Why GOD TV switched to Honest:

  1. GOD TV needed a fully-managed web hosting solution to guarantee website speed and uptime. In addition to reliable hosting, they also needed a technology partner who could provide technical support and consulting as needed for day-to-day web operations.
  2. As a conservative Christian organization, and with the growing threat of censorship and interference from big tech, GOD TV needed the assurance for their viewers, donors, and programming partners that their web properties and live streams would never be at risk of censorship. GOD TV migrated from WP Engine to Honest, because only Honest guarantees this.
  3. GOD TV needed more than just a web hosting provider. They needed a technology partner who could help them on day-to-day technical needs, provide guidance on common questions, and help to proactively ensure their technology infrastructure is sound and best-in-class.

“Our traffic is always growing, and our technical demands are ever-changing. We can’t rely on a typical hosting provider. We need high availability and fully managed web hosting that will offer our visitors and valued donors uninterrupted and continuous access to our suite of websites. Honest provides this for us.” – Ian Young-Valentine, General Manager GOD TV UK

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